You will never steal from us again

I had a dream on 23 October 2015, while South African students were igniting a worldwide protest against corruption, and its effect on fee structures at universities:
We waited until Zuma went to jail, and we recovered Nkandla in a asset forfeiture.
Then, since we are clearly inclined to many holidays, we declared a new one – Nkandla day – and on the first commemoration, we gathered in our thousands, and calmly and ceremonially burned the place to the ground.
We then consecrated and preserved the site of the main building’s burnt out shell, so that future generations and our elected politicians could visit the site,and read the commemoration text :
“You will never steal from us again”
After all, is trust in representatives not a central idea of a democracy?
We kept some of the buildings and refurbished them as an upmarket tourist destination, and handed it to the surrounding community as a source of work and income. Apparently, the roads were already good in that area.
O, wait – and the firepool was turned into a meditation crucible where we keep a perpetual flame burning to remind us that South Africans eventually fix what is broken, and that underneath our unshared histories and social fractures runs a raging river of solidarity.

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